Welcome to Oak Hill Acres

Manufactured Home Owners

Tired of the park where you currently live? Silly rules to follow? Does it get worse every year? Think you have no where else to put your home?

Oak Hill Acres has vacant lots and is accepting new and used homes.

We are a cooperatively owned park, which means

  • You are an owner rather then a tenant
  • You participate in the management of the community
  • You have a voice in amending the Park Rules

We are a small park but we care about our park and our members. There have been a lot of positive changes and still more to come.

Possible Financing available with as little as 2% Down on new or used homes or construction/remodel loans Please call Vito Adragna at 802-490-8032 for more information and a loan application package.

For More Info Please Call: Oak Hill Acres Co-op. (Yes, we have our old name back. Just one more of the improvements we have been working on here.) at (802)490-8032

$400.00 Monthly lot rent includes co-op's electric, trash removal, water/sewage system maintenance, taxes on the land, and snow plowing. All new residents in the park are required to be approved for membership by the cooperative's Board of Directors. There is a $300.00 Membership Fee to join the co-op.

The cooperative does not discriminate based on age, sex, race, color, creed, maritial status, familial status, physical or mental disability or national origin, or on account of a person's sexual orientation in the approval of its members.